On the cover page is Agostino Ramelli’s bookwheel mechanism from 1588. It could be seen as an early hypertext navigation aid. This image of the engraving is hosted by J. E. Johnson of New Gottland.

The typefaces are Linux Libertine for body text and Linux Biolinum for headings, both by Philipp H. Poll. Typewriter face is Inconsolata created by Raph Levien and supplemented by Dimosthenis Kaponis and Takashi Tanigawa in the form of Inconsolata LGC.

Graphic design and typography are done by Andres Raba. Texinfo source is converted to HTML using a customized version of texi2any utility in Texinfo 5.1 package. Diagrams are drawn with Inkscape and mathematics is typeset with the help of MathJax and MathML.